AS in Radiologic Technology Now in Staten Island


Staten Island, New York, USA – December 17, 2020: A career focused school is now available to our residents. Staten Island based medical imaging experts, Anthony Mungo and Thomas Petrone have teamed up with John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences to launch Staten Island’s first radiologic technology program; our only local career school. The Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology program was developed to create a pathway for high school graduates and working adults to obtain a college degree without the need to leave their full-time job. The 16-month Radiologic Technology program affords students the opportunity to begin their career in a short period of time. Graduates will quickly find employment and pause their education or have the option to continue to BS and MS degrees. Until now, this type of work/education flexibility was not available locally. The program is based on successful blending of virtual learning and physical classes as well as clinical rotations at local imaging centers and hospitals.

Radiologic technologists make up the third-largest group of health care professionals—surpassed in number only by physicians and nurses. Radiologic technologists, also known as Radiographers, complete specialized training to accurately position patients and produce images of organs, extremities, and other parts of the body that doctors then use to diagnose and determine treatment plans for injuries and disease.

The deadline to apply for the next class is May 3, 2021.

Anthony Mungo, RT, a lifelong resident of Staten Island, founder of Advanced Imaging Review and Director of Radiology at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ, stated, “Careers in radiography have become much more diverse as the field of radiology has grown and evolved from the initial discovery of x-rays in 1895”.” Today there are more complex and sophisticated scanning methods like computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and Mammography that have allowed radiologic technologists to expand their careers and grow professionally”. As technology has expanded, so has demand for highly skilled men and women to fill the varied positions available to radiologic technologists with a starting salary of $70,000 annually.

The collaboration of local healthcare professionals is what forged a friendship between Anthony and Thomas. Both have a passion for education and love for the medical imaging profession and how it has evolved. Dr. Thomas Petrone, Ph.D., founder, and Chief Medical Physicist of Petrone Associates located in West Brighton, is also a lifelong Staten Islander who has been active for decades in the community. His practice covers all of NYC and provides services in several other states. He is a co-founder of the radiologic technology program. Along with his staff of highly credentialed physicists, they contributed to the development and content creation of the curricula for the Radiologic Technology program. The program differentiates itself from most others in having actual board-certified physicists deliver the education in those technical subjects, presenting them in a practical and understandable manner. This will most adequately prepare students to obtain the ARRT certification in radiologic technology.

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