Nutrition Oncology Graduate Certificate

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Within the School of Integrative and Functional Medicine, the Nutrition Oncology Graduate Certificate is a distance education program that focuses on the scientific study of carcinogens; the onset of malignancy in cells, tissues, blood, and organs; the genetics of cancer; the anatomy and physiology of cancer cells; and the study of cancer behaviors and treatments. The Nutrition Oncology Graduate Certificate includes instruction in gene expression; oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes; viral genes and cancer proliferation; regulation of signal transduction; cancer proteins; hormonal and growth factors in cancer cells; tumor promotion, progression, and metastasis; carcinogen receptors and metabolism; carcinogen ecology; immunological targeting; and studies of genetic, chemical, radiologic and other treatment therapies. Curriculum includes integrative medical oncology, nutrition for mental health, and integrative medical oncology. To request program information, click here.

Credits: 20
Duration: 2 semesters
Tuition: $515 per credit


ONC501Integrative Medical Oncology I2 Credits
ONC502Integrative Medical Oncology II2 Credits
GASTP502Principles of Neurophysiology3 Credits
NUT503Diet, Genes, & Nutrition3 Credits
NUT507Nutrition Oncology3 Credits
NUT512Nutrition for Mental Health3 Credits
NUT500Integrative & Functional Nutrition I3 Credits
NUT590Medical and Professional Ethics1 Credit

Nutrition Oncology Graduate Certificate Plan of Study

Semester 1
Integrative Medical Oncology I2 Credits
Nutrition for Mental Health3 Credits
Integrative & Functional Nutrition I3 Credits
Medical and Professional Ethics1 Credit
9 Credits
Semester 2
Nutrition Oncology3 Credits
Integrative Medical Oncology II2 Credits
Diet, Genes, & Nutrition3 Credits
Principles of Neurophysiology3 Credits
11 Credits

Program Application Requirements

Program Admission Requirements