About JPU

JPU was founded by Brent D. Murphy. Brent was the Founder and President of Advanced Radiotherapy Consulting, Inc., (ARC), Founder of ARETE Medical Physics, and Founder of Ascend Medical Physics. ARC was the premiere trainer in the field of Radiation Oncology. ARETE Medical Physics established a high standard of Medical Physics and Medical Dosimetry Services throughout the U.S.. Ascend Medical Physics is the proven leader in Linac Commissioning in the world. ARC, ARETE, and ASCEND merged to form Global Physics Solutions, Inc (GPS). GPS was the largest Medical Physics Group in the U.S. and was acquired in CY2009 to form Landauer Medical Physics.

ARC trained over 2000 professionals from 1400 Radiation Therapy Centers (of the existing 2700 centers). In nearly all cases, it was evident that the vendor’s technologies exceeded the knowledge base of those using the system. This WAS NOT the fault of the individuals but rather a lack of established training for all of these new technologies. Brent recognized during the 7 years of leading ARC that the Medical Physics and Medical Dosimetry fields were being underserved and has spent 2006-2009 preparing the BS and MS level programs. 

JPU evolved and has grown to offer additional programs in the radiological sciences. All programs utilize the blended learning environment which maximizes the opportunity for the student. These programs are ideally suited for the compassionate working professional and for new-to-the-field students focused on a career in the radiological sciences.