About JPU

The John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences was founded by Brent D. Murphy, MS, MBA, DABR. Mr. Murphy is also the founder of Advanced Radiotherapy Consulting, Inc., (ARC), the premier trainer in the field of Radiation Oncology; founder of ARETE Medical Physics, which established a high standard of medical physics and medical dosimetry services throughout the U.S.; and founder of Ascend Medical Physics, the proven leader in Linac Commissioning in the world.

ARC, ARETE, and ASCEND merged to form Global Physics Solutions, Inc. (GPS), the largest Medical Physics Group in the U.S., and was then acquired in 2009 to become Landauer Medical Physics.

ARC trained over 2000 professionals from 1400 Radiation Therapy Centers (of the existing 2700 centers). It became evident that due to a lack of established training, the vendors’ technologies often exceeded the knowledge base of the system users. Brent recognized during his time leading ARC that the medical physics and medical dosimetry fields were being underserved. He took it upon himself to spend the next three years planning the BS and MS level programs within these fields to launch the John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences.

Due to the continuing growth of its curriculums and the ongoing analysis of the medical field, JPU has evolved and grown to offer programs in the radiological sciences such as radiation dosimetry and radiation safety. As an ongoing promise to its students, the university has developed innovative studies in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine which include lifestyle medicine, functional nutrition, medical cannabinoid sciences, nutrition oncology, nutrigenomics, sports medicine, and nutrition counseling.

Ideally suited for the compassionate working professional as well as new-to-the-field students, JPU programs utilize a hybrid learning environment or distance learning (100% online), that maximizes the opportunity for students to fit higher education into their busy professional lives, while offering the best possible value.

Keeping to its foundational ethic of “do the right thing” for students, staff, and faculty, JPU honors its students as the caring individuals they are and seeks to prepare them with unsurpassed knowledge and problem-solving skills to support their efforts to provide comfort, treatment, and remedies to their patients.