Transfer of Credit

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences may accept any course work successfully completed at other approved colleges and universities, if it comparably meets John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences course work requirements. A student may not transfer more than 25% of program classes. Classes must have a “C” or higher to be transferred.  Graduate level classes below a “B” are not eligible for transfer to an JPU graduate program.  JPU reserves the right to refuse credit transfers. 

Should a student wish to transfer credit from John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences to another college or university, the student is advised to first contact the academic institution to which the transfer of credit is sought. All colleges and universities have their own policy regarding acceptances of transfer of credit. 

Process for transfer of credit

Students can find the transfer of credit form on-line or through administrative services.  Students will need to provide JPU with a copy of the catalog description and support for evaluation.  Once the student provides all need documentation the University President or the Vice President of Academic affairs will review the request for approval.  Administrative services will contact the student with the acceptance or rejection of the transfer.  Transfer credits are not included in the cumulative GPA or cumulative program GPA calculation.

All students applying for the Master degree program must arrange to have original transcripts sent to John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences. These arrangements are to be made at the time of the student’s application. Upon receipt of these transcripts of college level course/degree completions, the Chief Executive Officer/Academic Dean will review the documents and make the assessment of the transferability of each course appearing on the transcripts. Students desiring to transfer credits must fill out a Transfer of credit request and provide the supporting documentation.  The Academic Dean will review the request and notify student of decision within 30 days.  As part of that assessment, the Academic Dean will assure that the student’s GPA meets or exceeds the minimum required.

Should the transcripts be from overseas, those documents will be photocopied. The copies will be retained by this institution. The originals will be forwarded, by mail, to an independent Transcript Evaluation Service. Upon return of the documents, the CEO/Academic Dean will review the correspondence received from the Transcript Evaluation Service and return all received documents to the student’s official file. At that time, the Administrator will respond, in writing, to the applicant and document either: the acceptance of the credit or will document the specific courses which are transferable, which are not, and what further action will be required of the student in order to meet the published academic entrance requirements for the selected degree program. Each document will be examined to assure that the work accepted is clearly indicated, by the issuing institution, to be degree appropriate coursework. Questions of the equivalency of credit from overseas institutions will be submitted to the Independent Transcript Evaluation Service. If evaluation is necessary by a third party the student will be responsible for payment of service.