Code of Conduct Related to Student Loan Activities

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences disseminates the following information annually to all of the institution’s officers, agents, and employees.
Revenue-sharing arrangements with any lender are strictly prohibited.  The institution’s officers, agents, and employees may not receive, directly or indirectly: points, premiums, payments, stock or other securities, prizes, gifts, travel, entertainment expenses, tuition payment or reimbursement, the provision of information technology equipment at below market value, additional financial aid funds or any other inducement from a guaranty agency or eligible lender in payment for securing applicants for Title IV loans.

Financial aid officers may not direct borrowers to particular lenders or refuse or delay loan certification from lenders.

Financial aid officers may not offer funds or incentives to promote private loans.

The use of call centers or financial aid office staffing assistance is prohibited.

The institution or its employees may not provide names and addresses and/or e-mail addresses of students or prospective students or parents to eligible lenders or guaranty agencies for the purpose of conducting unsolicited mailings, by either postal or electronic means, of student loan applications.

The institution will not allow any employee of the guaranty agency or eligible lender to perform any school-required function for a school participating in the Loan Program, except exit counseling. The institution will not permit guaranty agencies to conduct fraudulent or misleading advertising concerning loan availability, terms or conditions.

JPU will not permit an employee to enter into a consulting arrangement or other contract with an eligible lender.

The institution will not permit an employee working in the student financial aid office to serve on an advisory board for an eligible lender.