Voter Registration, Constitution Day & Other Information

Voter Registration Information

In compliance with federal requirements, John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences provides Voter Registration Forms available on the Election Assistance Commission website through a University email address to all enrolled students bi-annually.

Forms can also be obtained at the following offices:

  • County Voter Registration Office
  • Public Libraries
  • State License Branches
  • City, Town, and Township Offices

Constitution Day

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences recognizes Constitution Day through an education program that encourages students and members of the community to celebrate the Constitution and what it means to be a citizen of the United States.  

On Constitution Day, JPU provides resources to learn about the Constitution as well as an interactive online activity to enrolled students and through social media announcements (general public):

We celebrate Constitution Day on September 17th in recognition of the signing of this important document in our history on September 17, 1787.  Learn more about the Constitution at the National Constitution Center website located at

Participate in this interactive online activity!
Constitution Duel Quiz

Other Important Information

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