Master of Science in Integrative and Functional Medicine

This program of study is offered entirely through distance education and prepares individuals to assume roles as health/wellness professionals in private business and industry, community organizations, and health care settings. Includes instruction in personal health, community health and welfare, nutrition, epidemiology, disease prevention, fitness and exercise, and health behaviors (Classification of Instructional Programs et. al. National Center for Education Statistics, 2019.)

The program consists of 24 core credits and 12 elective elective credits. The 12 elective credits could be selected through student preference or based on one of the two concentrations of Nutrition or Lifestyle Medicine.

Credits: 36
Duration: 2 Years (4 semesters)
Tuition: $18,540 ($515 per credit)


Core Courses (24 credits required)

NUT500Integrative & Functional Nutrition I3 Credits
NUT501Integrative & Functional Nutrition II 3 Credits
LM500Lifestyle Medicine 3 Credits
SCI601Natural Medicine 3 Credits
SCI604Herbal Medicine 3 Credits
NUT503Diet, Genes & Nutrition 3 Credits
NUT512Nutrition for Mental Health 3 Credits
LM507Lifestyle Medicine Research Studies 2 Credits
NUT590Medical and Professional Ethics 1 Credit

Nutrition Concentration (12 Credits required)

NUT514Eating Disorders 3 Credits
NUT502Nutrition Assessment 3 Credits
GASTP501Gastronomy Science 3 Credits
NUT510Nutritional Psychology 3 Credits

Lifestyle Medicine Concentration (12 Credits required)

LM501Physical Activity & Weight Management 2 Credits
LM502Health & Wellness Coaching 2 Credits
LM503Sleep Health & Wellness 2 Credits
LM504Mindfulness & Emotional Wellness 2 Credits
LM505Smoking & Tobacco Cessation Therapy 2 Credits
LM506Alcohol & Addiction Therapy 2 Credits

Program Application Requirements

Program Admission Requirements