Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity Policy - Students with faculty

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity is a foundational concept of professional behavior and JPU takes such matters very seriously.  In general, if you have to ask if behavior would violate the integrity policy, it probably does. 

JPU is committed to educate, implement, support, and enforce sound academic and professional integrity.

Examples of Cheating

  • Submitting work you did not do
  • Copying all or part of someone else’s work and submitting it as your own
  • Not properly citing sources you use in assignment submissions
  • Copying answer keys and distributing them to other students or online
  • Using resources like books and notes during closed book, proctored assessments

If academic dishonesty is suspected, the information will be documented and brought to the appropriate faculty member, Program Director, or President for review.  The student or students will be notified that there is a suspicion of academic dishonesty, and an investigation will follow.  Information retrieved during the investigation process will be evaluated and the student or students involved will be informed of the result. In the event academic dishonesty is validated during the investigation process, the individual or individuals involved will be notified of any action JPU chooses to take.  Typically, a first offense will result in the individual or individuals receiving probationary status.  Depending on the severity, a student will be dismissed from the program.