Instructional Facilities

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences offers a hybrid learning environment where both online and on-site instruction is required.  Students receive a secure username and password to access the online campus where they can manage their student account and attend classes.  Students attend course lectures by watching videos that can be viewed any time of day as many times as the student wishes.  Classes also have a required class meeting each week at a scheduled date and time administered as an online meeting.  
On-site instruction is required each semester for one week called boot camp week.  Students come to campus for guest lectures, lectures from faculty, student project presentations, group activities, tests, and lab exercises.

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences’s campus consists of administrative offices, classroom and computer lab space, a lobby and kitchenette area, and a library.  The instructional facility is well-lit, air-conditioned, has free wireless internet, and has adequate seating, computer, and audio visual equipment to provide students with an effective educational environment.

Computers with treatment planning software required for classes are available to students studying remotely through a remote desktop connection. 

Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences is proactive in meeting the needs of students with disabilities.  Students with disabilities who have been admitted to the University may be eligible for tutors, note takers, extended time on exams, or assistive technology.  All students admitted to the University have both building and program access.
Student services for disabilities include physical disability, learning disability, ADD/ADHD, and multiple disabilities.  Students with disabilities are responsible for submitting appropriate documentation of their disability.  Documentation from a psychiatrist, licensed clinical psychologist, or medical doctor are accepted.  Students with disabilities may submit appropriate documentation to the Director of Administrative Services upon enrollment to the school or as soon as documentation is received by the student to submit to the school.  Documentation should be submitted via email or mail:

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences
Attn: Director of Administrative Services
100 E. Wayne Street, Suite 140
South Bend, IN 46601

Via email to

JPU provides reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities arranged by the Director of Administrative Services.  During boot camp week when students are on campus, all building and classroom facilities are able to accommodate students with documented disabilities.  Entry to the building, school facilities including classrooms, common areas, and restrooms are handicap accessible.  Elevators are available, if needed.