BS Radiation Therapy Sample Plan of Study

Non-Licensed Radiation Therapists

Semester 1
Orientation to Advanced Modalities1 Credit
Patient Care in Advanced Modalities3 Credits
Imaging and Sectional Anatomy4 Credits
Leadership and Communication3 Credits
Radiation Physics3 Credits
14 Credits

Semester 3
Orientation to Radiation Therapy1 Credits
Prin/Practices of Radiation Therapy I3 Credits
Clinical Oncology I3 Credits
Physics & QA in Radiation Therapy2 Credits
Clinical Practice I5 Credits
Professional Practice1 Credit
15 Credits

Semester 2
Pathophysiology3 Credits
Ethics & Law in Adv. Modalities3 Credits
Radiation Biology and Protection3 Credits
Pharmacology3 Credits
Professional & Workplace Experience5 Credits
17 Credits

Semester 4
Prin/Practices of Radiation Therapy II3 Credits
Clinical Oncology II3 Credits
Physics and Treatment Planning2 Credits
Research Methods and Capstone2 Credits
Clinical Practice II8 Credits
18 Credits