BS Radiation Therapy Sample Plan of Study

Non-Licensed Radiation Therapists

Semester 1
Orientation to Advanced Modalities1 Credit
Patient Care in Advanced Modalities3 Credits
Imaging & Sectional Anatomy4 Credits
Orientation to Radiation Therapy1 Credit
Radiation Physics3 Credits
Ethics and Law for Advanced Modalities3 Credits
15 Credits
Semester 2
Pathophysiology3 Credits
Principles/Practice of Radiation Therapy I3 Credits
Clinical Oncology I3 Credits
Pharmacology3 Credits
Professional and Workplace Experience*5 Credits
17 Credits

Semester 3
Radiation Biology and Protection3 Credits
Principles/Practice of Radiation Therapy II3 Credits
Clinical Oncology II3 Credits
Professional Practice1 Credits
Clinical Practice*5 Credits
15 Credits
Semester 4
Physics and QA in Radiation Therapy2 Credits
Leadership and Communication3 Credits
Physics and Treatment Planning2 Credits
Research Methods and Capstone2 Credits
Clinical Practice II*8 Credits
17 Credits

*There are a total of 728 hours required in the clinical setting. RS316 and RTT420 require 208 clinical hours each (approximately 16 hours per week). RTT421 requires 312 clinical hours (approximately 24 hours per week).