Course Catalog and Textbook Listing


School of Physics and Radiological Sciences

School of Medical Imaging Sciences

School of Integrative and Functional Medicine

School of Business and Informatics

Course Numbering System Descriptions

100-299 Associate Level
300-499 Baccalaureate Level
500-799 Graduate Level

Course Number PrefixDescriptionCourse Number PrefixDescription
MPMedical PhysicsMHAHealthcare Administration
MHPMedical Health PhysicsGASTPGastro-Physics
HPHealth PhysicsNUTNutrition
MDMedical DosimetryLMLifestyle Medicine
RTTRadiation TherapySCIScience
RTERadiologic TechnologyONCOncology
MRMagnetic Resonance ImagingMATHMathematics
CTComputed TomographySTATStatistics
PETPositron Emission TomographyBIOLBiology
PRProton TherapyPHYPhysics
MIMedical ImagingHUMHumanities
RSRadiologic ScienceSOCSocial Sciences