Program Details

  • Required Credit hours: 64 (124 total*)
  • Program Duration: Two years (4-5 semesters)
    JPU offers three (3) semesters per calendar year. Students enrolling at a full-time status for four (4) consecutive semesters can complete the program in approximately 16 months.
  • Rate per Credit: $533.34

*30 Technical/Occupational credits will be accepted for transfer and 30 General Education credits will be accepted for transfer. There must be at least one general education course from each of the four categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Mathematics.

Core Courses (124 credits required)

TransferGeneral Education Credits30 Credits
TransferTechnical/Occupational Credits30 Credits
RS300Orientation to Advanced Modalities1 Credit
RS306Patient Care in Advanced Modalities3 Credits
BIOL352Imaging and Sectional Anatomy4 Credits
MI310Pathophysiology3 Credits
RS312Radiation Physics3 Credits
RS390Ethics and Law for Advanced Modalities3 Credits
RS302Radiation Biology and Protection3 Credits
MI330Leadership and Communication3 Credits
RS314Pharmacology3 Credits
RTT305Principles and Practices of Radiation Therapy I3 Credits
RTT306Principles and Practices of Radiation Therapy II3 Credits
RTT410Physics and Treatment Planning2 Credits
RTT301Clinical Oncology I3 Credits
RTT311Clinical Oncology II3 Credits
RTT414Physics and QA in Radiation Therapy2 Credits
RTT403Professional Practice1 Credit
RTT435Research Methods and Capstone2 Credits

Courses Required for Non-Licensed Radiation Therapists Only

RTT300Orientation to Radiation Therapy1 Credit
RS316Professionalism and Workplace Experience*5 Credits
RTT420Clinical Practice I*5 Credits
RTT421Clinical Practice II*8 Credits

*There are a total of 728 hours required in the clinical setting. RS316 and RTT420 require 208 clinical hours each (approximately 16 hours per week). RTT421 requires 312 clinical hours (approximately 24 hours per week)

Courses Required for Licensed Radiation Therapists Only

RS404Communication & Information Management3 Credits
RS316Professionalism and Workplace Experience2 Credits
RS318Productivity and Assessment in Radiation Sciences3 Credits
RTT400Advanced Radiation Therapy Techniques3 Credits
RTT431Advanced Patient Care in Oncologic Medicine3 Credits
RTT436Special Procedures in Dosimetry3 Credits
RTT440Clinical Quality Improvement & Accreditation2 Credits