Clinical Policies

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the fields of Radiation Oncology and Medical Imaging that require a clinical internship component for successful program completion.  The student should be aware of the following information for any academic program that requires a clinical internship.

Clinical Obligations
Some Clinics may require different student clinical obligations such as drug screening, immunization records, and background checks.  Clinics that prefer to do their own testing and verification may do so directly with the student.  JPU may be asked to perform these services and provide the results to the clinic upon their request.

Due to availability of clinical sites and student schedules, travel may be necessary in order to secure an appropriate clinical site.  JPU resolves to make every effort to place the student in a location that is within a reasonable distance from their place of residence.

Should students wish to propose a clinical site closer to their place of residence than is currently available, they must do so at least 6 months prior to their clinical start date.  In addition, students are expected to serve as a liaison between the university and the clinical setting.

Should a proposed site prove unsuitable, the student may propose another site or choose from sites currently available.

Evening/weekend clinical assignments are not required or encouraged.  If measures must be taken in order to ensure adequate clinical time, proposals will be considered and must be agreeable to the student, University, and clinical site.

Clinical Internship Completion Policy

The Medical Dosimetry program requires prompt completion of the clinical internship concurrently with didactic instruction as outlined by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).  Students are expected to begin their clinical internship during the second semester of the program and average approximately 12-15 hours per week for completion of the required 720 hours no later than their last semester of didactic instruction. 

Students are required to submit their internship journal including all required paperwork outlined in the Clinical Guidance for Students document no later than thirty (30) days after completion of the 720 hours.  At any point prior to clinical journal submission, the student is still enrolled in the clinical internship.

Tuition for the clinical internship is charged during the last semester of didactic instruction.  Failure to complete the internship hours or submit the clinical journal within the timeframe outlined in this policy will result in tuition for the clinical internship being charged to the student’s account each semester the student is enrolled in the clinical internship after didactic instruction is complete. 

Students who are unable to start their internship during the second semester of the program or maintain minimum hours per week outlined by this policy due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of student will not automatically be subject to tuition being charged for each semester the student is enrolled in the clinical internship after didactic instruction is complete.  The President and Program Director will address unforeseen circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Screening Process/Vaccinations Policy 
John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences requires the following to be done prior to beginning your clinical internship:

  1. TB Test
  2. Drug and Alcohol test
  3. Background check

These tests are to be done at the student’s expense.  Clinical sites might require additional testing such as Hepatitis B, vaccinations, etc.  Students are required to participate in any additional testing or vaccinations a clinical site may require beyond the JPU requirement.

Arranging the Tests and Background Check
The tests can be arranged by creating an account with  The student will create an account and the service will direct them to the closest testing center in their area.  If the service does not have participating testing centers in your area, contact the JPU Administration to arrange testing directly with a testing center in your area.