Nutrigenomics Graduate Certificate

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The Nutrigenomics Graduate Certificate within the School of Integrative and Functional Medicine is a distance education program that focuses on the scientific study of whole-genome sequences and patterns of gene expression.

Genes are critical for determining function, and nutrition modifies the extent to which different genes are expressed. Thereby, modulating whether individuals attain the potential established by their genetic background.

Nutrigenomics refers to the study of the effects of nutrients on the expression of an individual’s genetic makeup. Recently, this definition was expanded to include nutritional factors that defend the genome against damage.

The Nutrigenomics Graduate Certificate includes instruction in molecular and cellular biology, genetics, protein technologies, genomic sciences and techniques, bioinformatics, and scientific and research ethics.


Nutrigenomics studies include various aspects of:

We fulfill our mission and goals through an integrated curriculum. Therefore ensuring that our students attain the following learning outcomes:

Students progress through the curriculum and meet course learning objectives that culminate in the accomplishment of the above learning outcomes.

Credits: 20
Duration: 2 semesters
Tuition: $1,030 per credit


SCI602Genomic Screening2 Credits
SCI600Nanoscience and Nanotechnology2 Credits
NUT503Diet, Genes, and Nutrition3 Credits
SCI605Foodomics3 Credits
NUT502Nutrition Assessment3 Credits
GASTP503Nutrigenomics and Proteomics3 Credits
GASTP505Food & The Senses3 Credits
NUT590Medical and Professional Ethics1 Credit

Plan of Study

Semester 1
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology2 Credits
Nutrigenomics and Proteomics3 Credits
Nutrition Assessment3 Credits
Medical and Professional Ethics1 Credit
9 Credits
Semester 2
Genomic Screening2 Credits
Foodomics3 Credits
Food & The Senses3 Credits
Diet, Genes, & Nutrition3 Credits
11 Credits

Nutrigenomics Graduate Certificate Program / School of Integrative and Functional Medicine Application Requirements:

Nutrigenomics Graduate Certificate Program Admission Requirements: