Retention and Placement Rates

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences publishes Retention and Placement Rates annually, per program of study.  This information is published under Program Effectiveness Data.

Retention information for first-time, undergraduate students is not reported to IPEDS because this information is not applicable for John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences.  All students enrolled at John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences must acquire a minimum of sixty (60) postsecondary education credits prior to matriculating in an JPU program.

“According to the IPEDS Glossary, ‘A student who has no prior postsecondary experience attending any institution for the first time at the undergraduate level.’ This means that the student is first-time in terms of postsecondary education (or the student is not known to have attended another postsecondary institution).  There are two exceptions: (1) students who attended any institution for the first time the summer prior to entering your institution in the fall term are to be counted as “first-time”, as are (2) students who entered with advanced standing (college credits earned before graduation from high school).” (located at 

Improvement of Academic Programs

The University President allocates a great deal of time to academics and is responsible for the oversight of academic advising, curriculum changes, and textbook selection.  Faculty members are invited to attend and provide input related to their respective areas.  Faculty members are expected to participate in curriculum evaluations of programs in their respective areas as well.

Faculty typically are practicing professionals in the community and therefore bring a level of current expertise as well as knowledge of what competencies are needed and expected of students upon completion.  The Advisory Board is involved in program development and is comprised of employees and career professionals in the industry