Master of Science in Medical Health Physics

Medical Health Physics is one of the four specialty avenues within the field of Medical Physics. Medical Physics is an applied science combining the fields of physics, bioengineering, and electronics. A Medical Health Physicist is responsible for the safety and security of hospital staff using radiation emitting machines. The Health Physicist is less involved with direct patient care than their colleagues in other disciplines of medical physics. They are consulted by construction crews, project managers, hospital administrators and other hospital employees. A Medical Health Physicist needs to be an analytical and creative thinker capable of evaluating multifaceted problems down to the smallest detail.

A Medical Health Physicist can pursue a career in the following areas:
  • Clinical Service and Consultation
  • Academic Research and Instruction
  • Industrial Research and Development
  • Vendor Applications/ Technical Support

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences offers an MS in Medical Health Physics. This 45 Credit hour, two year program is designed for undergraduate Physics, Math, Biologly and Engineering majors.

* Note: In order to obtain certification, potential Medical Health Physicists must sit for the 2 part ABHP examination. More information can be found at: