Computed Tomography Certificate

The Computed Tomography Certificate is a distance education program with a clinical internship component consisting of 240 hours that prepares students to practice competently and effectively as medical imaging professionals in diverse healthcare environments. The academic and clinical foundation in the curriculum develops graduates with professional flexibility and adaptability to assume prominent roles and responsibilities after graduation in both career and scholarly pursuits.

Credits: 20
Duration: 2 semesters
Tuition: $10,667 (533.34 per credit)


CT400Orientation to Computed Tomography1 Credit
CT406CT Procedures4 Credits
CT408CT Instrumentation and Imaging Physics4 Credits
CT412CT Anatomy and Pathology Correlation3 Credits
CT414Planar and Volumetric Post-Processing3 Credits
CT421Clinical Practice5 Credits

Plan of Study

Semester 1
Orientation to Computed Tomography1 Credit
CT Instrumentation and Imaging Physics4 Credits
CT Procedures4 Credits
9 Credits
Semester 2
CT Anatomy and Pathology Correlation3 Credits
Planar and Volumetric Post-Processing3 Credits
Clinical Practice5 Credits
11 Credits

Program Application Requirements

Program Admission Requirements