JPU aligns with Brookdale

JPU aligns with Brookdale to provide the two final pieces of the education puzzle.
The two final pieces of the education puzzle.

JPU aligns with Brookdale Community College in New Jersey. The John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences is nationally accredited. JPU offers AS, BS, and MS degree programs in the Radiological Sciences, and Integrative and Functional Medicine.

JPU aligns with Brookdale Community College. Brookdale is a state-of-the-art campus that offers open access to high-quality, cost-effective education, and lifelong learning options to students.

How students benefit from this relationship

The relationship allows students to accomplish their educational and career goals with affordable and easier-to-access degree programs. After graduating with an AS from Brookdale, students can transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at JPU. Allowing access to conveniently located regional sites across the country.

What JPU’s President says

“Brookdale Community College and JPU have worked very closely to develop this innovative agreement. It will greatly benefit Brookdale’s students and graduates,” said JPU President, Mr. Brent Murphy.  “I have found working with Brookdale’s leadership to be very rewarding as our vision, passion, and values are well aligned.  This alignment has allowed us to create unique opportunities in niche disciplines. This to includes the BS in Medical Imaging (CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Sonography) and the Integrative & Functional Medicine disciplines. Brookdale’s students and graduates can make a difference in these areas. Which are being underserved in today’s challenging healthcare markets” said Murphy. 

About JPU programs

JPU hybrid degree programs take 4-semesters to complete (16 months), in which 14 of the 15 weeks are done on-line. One week is an intense boot camp conducted at a regional site.

JPU not only offers graduate certificates and degree programs in the School of Integrative and Functional Medicine but includes a Bachelor of Science in Health and Lifestyle Medicine is available. This program provides education in the research, prevention, treatment, and reversal of diseases. By which many are caused by lifestyle factors including poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and chronic stress. 

What Brookdale’s Vice President of Academic Affairs says

“We’re excited to team up with John Patrick University. We can now provide Brookdale’s students a terrific option in high-demand, high-technology fields,” said Dr. Matthew Reed, Brookdale’s Vice President of Academic Affairs.

About Brookdale programs

From nursing to radiological technology and respiratory care, Brookdale offers a variety of degree programs. These programs are designed to provide world-class training, in-demand skills, and professional experience in the healthcare industry. Brookdale’s Health Sciences Institute is one of the most popular destinations in the state of New Jersey. Brookdale provides aspiring healthcare professionals a choice of five degrees and 14 certifications in the field.

What Brookdale’s President says

“JPU has a progressive approach to education. They uniquely provide students with the opportunities, resources, and tools they need to reach their fullest potential. This union, a continuation of our promise to expand resources available to our students, ensures the highest quality education in Health Science degrees,” said Brookdale’s President, Dr. David Stout.

What you can look forward to

The institutions are exploring a variety of other opportunities. Including the creation of accelerated BS and MS tracks in a blended degree offering.

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