Computed Tomography Certificate Course Descriptions

CourseCredtCourse DescriptionTextbook
CT400 Orientation to Computed Tomography (1cr)This course provides the student with an introduction to the functions and basic procedures of computed tomography imaging as it is used in the healthcare setting. Basic CT instrumentation and clinical terms will be introduced.TBD
CT406 CT Procedures (4cr)This course will provide an understanding of clinical procedures in computed tomography. In addition, this course will also provide the student with an introduction to quality assurance procedures in computed tomography.TBD
CT408 CT Instrumentation and Imaging Physics (4cr)This course focuses on introducing fundamental physics in computed tomography. Included in the course is an overview of the history of CT, fundamentals of computers, scanning methods, and digital imaging.TBD
CT412 CT Anatomy and Pathology Correlation (3cr)This course will address whole body cross-sectional anatomy and pathology. Also included will be an in-depth review of common CT pathology.TBD
CT414 Planar and Volumetric Post-Processing (3cr)This course will focus on CT scanning methods and fundamentals of CT computers concentrating on imaging reconstruction.TBD
CT421 Clinical Practice (5cr)This is a clinical experience course in which the student is assigned supervised clinical experiences in computed tomography. This course is designed to provide the student with a better understanding of the central role of CT in the evaluation of patients through participation in clinical training. Students learn by assisting a certified CT technologist in the performance of clinical procedures and related supplementary responsibilities. Competency evaluations are performed to allow the student to demonstrate mastery of various CT procedures, basic patient care, and simple quality control of equipment. This course includes advanced instruction and clinical application of imaging skills of the following: cardiac, abdomen, pediatric, special applications, image post processing, bariatric procedures, radiation therapy imaging, CT/PET, and imaging quality assurance. All CT procedures will be performed under the supervision of a registered CT technologist.TBD