Alumni Resources

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences strives to help students succeed in their educational and professional endeavors.  The following resources are available for our valued alumni:

John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences
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Alumni Testimonials

JPU afforded me the best option for a lifestyle that was inclusive of balancing a full-time job and maintaining a healthy amount of time with my family. The JPU online program was the best fit in terms of making my career goals a reality. 

Each time I called I was always greeted with a welcoming representative, ready to field any questions or concerns I might have. One of the surprises that I encountered going through the program was that I was hired as a dosimetrist during my clinical rotation. I absolutely would not have even considered applying before passing boards if it was not for the confidence and high-quality education that I received.

They gave me the opportunity to advance my career in the field of Radiation Oncology. I am now a full-time Medical Dosimetrist.

I chose this school because I was able to continue working at my career as a radiation therapist and do my online classes after work and on the weekends. – Nick Geiger, 2021

I consider myself a life-long learner with an appetite to learn, and this past year-plus with JPU has been a smorgasbord of information prepared and served by excellent professors. The M.S. in Integrative and Functional Medicine has provided me with a new understanding of mental health and its treatment. – Dennis Newlin, 2021

I wanted more in my career and was hesitant to go back to school. I was a mom of three with the smallest being 6-months old when I started school. I talked to several graduates with children prior to making my decision. All students that I spoke with made my decision very easy. JPU was the route to take. I needed the flexibility of staying home and taking classes from my own computer. JPU is also family-oriented, another huge bonus.

JPU has the latest technology and instructors from all over the U.S., because of this you can learn so many ways to accomplish the same great plan. Everybody is very friendly and willing to help, even after you graduate. I sped through the program taking full credit hours each semester. I worked my part time job, served as a mother to my children, and completed all my clinical hours by the time I graduated in December. I continuously told myself it was for a short period of time and I could push through. I then took and passed my MDCB board exam in April and welcomed our 4th baby in May. I wouldn’t have been able to do this with any other school!

– Maggie Carson, 2018