JPU Student Testimonials

Tara J. Royer MS, RT (T) – 2020 Graduate

JPU gave me the opportunity to advance my career in the field of Radiation Oncology.  I had been a radiation therapist for almost 20 years, and once my children entered college, I knew it was the perfect time for me to pursue my goal of becoming a Medical Dosimetrist.  I looked into a few accredited distant learning programs, and my choice was JPU. I had my BS, and the opportunity for my Master’s was a plus. It allowed me the opportunity to obtain my education living states apart while having the remote connection of the classroom, fellow classmates, instructors, and staff. I worked full time, and attended JPU full time for 18 months. I graduated in May of 2019 with my MS in Medical Dosimetry.  They provide a distant but very close educational experience.  Every semester you travel South Bend, and spend a few awesome days with your classmates and the other students at JPU, making life long connections and friendships. Different programs across the Nation tailor to different needs, and JPU fit those needs for me. I am an employed full time Medical Dosimetrist. JPU made this possible for me.

Sherry Yates, B.S.R.T(T), CMD – 2020 Graduate

I am currently a certified Medical Dosimetrist! I passed my boards in May 2019. I started attending RTU/JPU in January 2017. The reason I chose RTU/JPU was because I was able to continue working at my career as a as a radiation therapist and do my online classes after work and on the weekends. Their schedule is setup for working professionals looking to further their education. This was very important to me and my family. Also, RTU/JPU is JRCERT accredited and that is a requirement from the MCDB. I had many questions and concerns before I jumped into this journey/adventure. It was a big and scary step for me. I had been out of college a long time and it was daunting considering going back again. I was able to reach out to Linda Murphy to discuss my questions and concerns in depth. I spent months corresponding with her. She always responded and gave me step by step answers with what to expect. Once in the course the semesters flew by. I made so many friends in my first boot camp from my class that I still keep up with to this day. We talk about our jobs, things we are planning, and new versions of TPS. We shared something with each other we won’t ever lose. The program was difficult but doable. I had T.A.’s for each course so I was always able to ask questions and get clarification on any subject. Lab time was so valuable and educating. I took a hold of this opportunity/blessing I had been given and I didn’t let go. I am so glad I didn’t. Brent Murphy is still in my ear, “YOU WILL PASS”. My family will sometimes tell me this phrase whenever I am facing a difficult life situation, it makes me smile to hear it. I will never forget my experience with this University. The professionalism, kindness and the want for us to all succeed is tangible at this school. Everyone went above and beyond. I LOVE RTU/JPU!

Maggie Carson – 2018 Graduate

I wanted more in my career and was hesitant to go back to school. I was a mom of 3 with the smallest being 6 months old when I would start school. I talked to several graduates with children prior to making my decision. All students that I spoke with made my decision very easy. JPU was the route to take. I needed the flexibility of staying home and taking classes from my own computer. JPU is also very small and very family oriented. Another huge bonus. It was exciting to begin coursework and planning for dosimetry. JPU has the latest technology and instructors from all over the US. Because of this, you can learn so many ways to accomplish the same great plan. Everybody is very friendly and are willing to help, even after you graduate. I sped through the program taking full credit hours each semester. I worked my part time job, served as a mother to my children, and completed all my clinical hours by the time I graduated in December. I continuously told myself it was for a short period of time and I could push through. I then took and passed my MDCB board exam in April and welcomed our 4th baby in May. I wouldn’t have been able to do this with any other type of school!

Nathan (Graduate, 2016)
As we grow in life, everyone needs to find growth in their career. Currently as the only military student, I found a school that actually understands my needs, JPU. JPU is not just a school, but a place where learning goes back to its fundamental roots. The Faculty is composed of highly respected individuals who dedicated their lives to find ways for goodness. They are not just teaching. They are mentors in the field where the utmost dedication and passion is required to achieve Excellence. Medical Physics and Nanomedicine are the future for fighting Cancer and JPU is the vehicle. Marie Curie said it best: “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”

Leigh Worsley (Graduate, 2012)
JPU is a wonderful option for working professionals to further their career in the “online” educational setting. Brent and staff are fully dedicated to making sure I succeed in my schooling and in my career. As a full time working, single mother, JPU makes it possible for me to take the courses I need for my Masters Degree but still work and raise my children. JPU has the highest quality professors available in the medical physics field and I can’t say enough about how wonderful the program has been. I would highly recommend JPU to anyone thinking about going back to school and working at the same time. They have become like family to me.

Charles Walls (Graduate, 2010)
Most JPU instructors are also currently practicing clinicians in this field. Not only do they do an excellent job of teaching the fundamentals but they bring the real-world experience to their lectures. In addition, they do an excellent job of keeping students informed on the latest technologies, treatment modalities, procedures, protocols and regulations.

Errik Lemler (Graduate, 2010)
The staff’s ability to deliver an array of complex physical subjects in a more elementary manner coupled with the flexibility via the online component has made a challenging program more manageable. JPU’s master programs are among the most clinically oriented programs in the world and a degree from JPU should hold substantial weight in the medical physics community. I am happy and proud to be a part of this university.

Austin Schneider (Graduate, 2012)
I am a student at JPU and in the Medical Physics program. I received a Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree from Eastern Michigan University. The courses in the program are rigorous and challenging but are accompanied by knowledgeable professors and staff. The program has a great clinical basis and will prepare me and make me confident when I start working in the field.

Phyllis DeBaun (Graduate, 2017)
I’ve been asked to give a short testimonial about why I chose JPU. Why I wanted to enter the field of dosimetry? I always wanted to be a dosimetrist but life just always got in the way. I also wanted to tell you why I chose JPU. I’ve also been working on my Bachelor’s Degree my entire career as a radiation therapist. 36 years in the field and never got it completed. JPU allowed me to go to school, continue to work and do my studies at home, and then come to boot camp. Boot camp is intense. It is also awesome. You learn like you would never believe you ever could. It’s like a big family that gets together and the older generations pass down to the younger generations. And then they’re going to carry the knowledge onto another generation. You just can’t get a better education anywhere in dosimetry other than coming to JPU. Thank you.

Justin Miller (Graduate, 2017)
I entered the medical dosimetry field because I am currently a radiation therapist and I decided that I wanted a new challenge and wanted to proceed further with the oncology career. I chose JPU because I was able to work full-time and then continue my obtaining my degree in medical dosimetry. Boot camps are intense. They are long hours but if you come prepared and you get plenty of rest you learn an absolute ton. The amount of people and years of knowledge that are here are unmatched at any university that I’ve been aware of. So if you just come here with an open mind and you’re ready to learn, I don’t think that you’d be disappointed. Am I learning? Absolutely. The good thing is that when you graduate from JPU you still have access to all the videos and anything new that may come about. So, if you’re interested in learning they will definitely never stop.