Course Curriculum prior to May 1, 2018

Core Courses (39 Credits Required)

Elective Courses (6 Credits Required)

Radiation BiologyMD5023 Credits
Radiation Oncology IMD5053 Credits
Radiation Oncology IIMD5063 Credits
Radiation Oncology Department ManagementMHP6072 Credits
Radiation Oncology FinancialsMHP6092 Credits
Health Physics and Radiation SafetyMHP5103 Credits
Computer Systems in MedicineMHP5202 Credits
Medical and Professional EthicsMHP5901 Credit
Mathematical MethodsMATH5013 Credits
Clinical Treatment Planning IMD5882 Credits
Clinical Treatment Planning IIMD5903 Credits
Clinical Treatment Planning IIIMD6883 Credits
Clinical Treatment Planning IVMD6903 Credits
Seminars AMP5991 Credit
Clinical InternshipMP6993 Credits

Radiation DosimetryMD5014 Credits
Diagnostic RadiologyMD5033 Credits
Nuclear MedicineMD5043 Credits
BrachytherapyMD6113 Credits
Nuclear OncologyMD6133 Credits
Proton TherapyMD6152 Credits
Contouring, Imaging, and Special Procedures BMD6302 Credits
Informatics in Radiation Oncology: Protocols,
Benchmarking, and Plan Review B
MD6332 Credits
Clinical Safety and Quality Assurance B
MD6352 Credits
Independent StudyMD6981-4 Credits
Education and Practicum I CMD6102 Credits
Education and Practicum II CMD6113 Credits
Education and Practicum III CMD6123 Credits
Education and Practicum IV CMD6133 Credits

A Two Sessions required for a total of two (2) credits. 
B This course is required for the Practitioner Concentration. Upon completion of the first two semesters, students are eligible to take this course upon receiving a satisfactory evaluation of both academic and professional performance. 
C Certified Medical Dosimetrists may take this course in lieu of the 4 Clinical Treatment Planning Courses (MD588, MD590, MD688, MD690)