Integrative & Functional Nutrition Graduate Certificate

This is a distance education scientific program that focuses on the utilization of food for human growth and metabolism, in both normal and dysfunctional states, from the interdisciplinary perspective of the agricultural, human, biological, and biomedical sciences. Includes instruction in food science, biochemistry, physiology, dietetics, food and nutrition studies, biotechnology, biophysics, and the clinical sciences.

Credits: 20
Duration: 2 semesters
Tuition: $515 per credit


NUT500Integrative and Functional Nutrition I3 Credits
NUT501Integrative and Functional Nutrition II
3 Credits
NUT512Nutrition for Mental Health
3 Credits
GASTP500Food Ethnography
3 Credits
GASTP501Gastronomy Science
3 Credits
GASTP505Food & the Senses
3 Credits
HP519Public Law and Policy1 Credit
NUT590Medical and Professional Ethics1 Credit

Plan of Study

Semester 1
Integrative and Functional Nutrition I3 Credits
Nutrition for Mental Health3 Credits
Food Ethnography3 Credits
Medical and Professional Ethics1 Credit
10 Credits
Semester 2
Integrative and Functional Nutrition II3 Credits
Gastronomy Science3 Credits
Food & The Senses3 Credits
Public Law and Policy1 Credit
10 Credits

Program Application Requirements

Program Admission Requirements