Course Curriculum prior to May 1, 2018

*24 Core credits will be accepted for transfer and 36 General Education credits will be accepted for transfer. There must be at least one general education course from each of the four categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Mathematics.

Core Courses (58 Credits Required)

Radiation DosimetryMD3013 Credits
Introduction to ImagingMD3033 Credits
Radiation BiologyMD3023 Credits
Radiation Therapy IMD3053 Credits
Radiation Therapy IIMD3063 Credits
Health Physics & Radiation SafetyMHP3083 Credits
BrachytherapyMD3043 Credits
Medical & Professional EthicsMD3901 Credit
Treatment Planning IMD3103 Credits
Treatment Planning IIMD3113 Credits
Treatment Planning IIIMD4103 Credits
Treatment Planning IVMD4113 Credits
Clinical Rotation IMD3204 Credits
Clinical Rotation IIMD3214 Credits
Clinical Rotation IIIMD4204 Credits
Clinical Rotation IVMD4214 Credits
Clinical InternshipMD4994 Credits
Human Anatomy and
BIOL3014 Credits

B Mandatory for students entering the program without a Radiation Therapy background

C May be taken in lieu of MHP308

Elective Courses (1 Course Required)

Introduction to Medical PhysicsMD3513 Credits
Imaging AnatomyMD3523 Credits
Calculus IMATH2013 Credits
Introduction to Radiation Therapy MD2053 Credits
Planning B
Health Physics/ Radiation Safety CMHP5103 Credits
Advanced ImagingMD4033 Credits
Alternative Modalities– Proton
MD4053 Credits