Proton Therapy Certificate Course Descriptions

CourseCourse DescriptionTextbook
PR400 Orientation to Proton Therapy (1cr)This course is designed to provide an overview of proton therapy and the professional role of a radiation therapist working in proton beam radiation therapy.TBD
PR406 Therapeutic Procedures in Proton Therapy (3cr)This course will provide the student with educational information regarding treatment sites, simulation, prescriptions and dose calculations, and treatment administration; students will also learn about patient interactions, assessment, documentation, and medical records management.TBD
PR414 Physical Properties of Protons (3cr)This course is designed to educate students regarding radiation physics, including Bragg peak and entrance doses and methods of beam delivery in proton radiation therapy.TBD
PR408 Machine Safety and QA (3cr)This course will cover equipment and quality assurance principles, as well as machine components and operation in proton radiation therapy. Additionally, students will learn radiation protection and occupational radiation exposure concepts as related to proton radiation therapy.TBD
PR412 Oncology and Pathology (3cr)The student will learn about pathologies of disease commonly treated with proton radiation therapy including CNS, Head and Neck, Thorax, Breast, Abdomen/Pelvis, Reproductive, Skeletal, and others. A section on miscellaneous (Pediatrics and Ocular, etc.) will be included in this educational discussion.TBD
PR421 Clinical Practice (5cr)This clinical rotation will assign students to supervised clinical experience in proton radiation therapy. This course is designed to provide the student with a better understanding of the central role of a radiation therapist working in proton therapy through participation in clinical training. Competency evaluations are performed to allow the student to demonstrate mastery of simulation and therapeutic procedures, basic patient care, and simple quality control of equipment.TBD