Master of Science in Health Physics


Core Courses (39 credits required)

HP501Advanced Radiation Dosimetry2 credits
MP502Radiation Biology3 credits
HP509Advanced Radiological Instrumentation3 credits
MHP510Health Physics/Radiation Safety3 credits
MHP602Reactor Health Physics3 credits
MHP606Environmental Health Physics2 credits
HP612Advanced Environmental Health
2 credits
HP514Radiation Emergencies2 credits
HP513Hazardous Waste Handling2 credits
MHP605Regulations and Licensing2 credits
MHP603Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety2 credits
HP517Accelerator Health Physics2 credits
HP518Environmental Epidemiology1 credits
HP519Public Law and Policy1 credits
MP599SeminarsA1 credits
HP699Internship6 credits

Elective Courses (6 credits required)

MP503Physics of Diagnostic Radiology3 credits
MP504Physics of Nuclear Medicine3 credits
HP611Advanced Reactor Health Physics1 credits
MATH502Advanced Mathematical Methods2 credits

A Required to complete four 1-credit Seminars courses