BS Radiation Therapy Statistics

A paper copy of the Program Effectiveness Data is available upon request to
Reporting Period from July 1 through June 30 unless otherwise noted.

Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy

Program Effectiveness Data (JRCERT Template)

Credentialing Examination: The number of students who pass, on the first attempt, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification examination, or an unrestricted state licensing examination, compared with the number of graduates who take the examination within six months of graduation. The five-year average benchmark established by the JRCERT is 75%

YearPass RateNo. of Students
2018 (Jan.-Dec.)100%1 of 1 Passed
2019 (Jan.-Dec.)No Data0 students attempted the Exam
2020 (Jan.-Dec.)100%1 of 1 Passed

5-Year Average: No data available

Job Placement: The number of graduates employed in the radiologic sciences compared to the number of graduates actively seeking employment in the radiologic sciences within twelve months of graduating. The five-year average benchmark established by the JRCERT is 75%.

YearPlacement RateNumber of Students
2018 (Jan.-Dec.)No DataNo graduates in 2017
2019 (Jan.-Dec.)100%1 of 1 Employed (2018 graduates)

5-Year Average: No data available

Program Completion: The number of students who complete the program within the stated program length. The annual benchmark established by the program is 90%.

YearCompletion RateNumber of Students
2018 (Jan.-Dec.)100%1 of 1 graduates in 2018
2019 (Jan.-Dec.)No DataNo graduates in 2019
2020 (Jan.-Dec.)100%1 of 1 graduates in 2020

Retention Rate is defined as the number of students available for graduation compared to the total number of enrolled students for the reporting period for each cohort.

YearRetention RateNumber of Students
2017 (Jan.-Dec.)100%1 of 1 students (2017 cohorts); 0 students withdrew from the program voluntarily or involuntarily.
2018 (Jan.-Dec.)No DataNo 2018 cohorts.
2019 (Jan.-Dec.)67%2 of 3 students (2019 cohorts); 1 student withdrew from the program voluntarily or involuntarily.