Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology

The Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology is designed to prepare students to enter the profession of radiologic technology. The program is structured to provide students with basic concepts and competencies to work as a radiologic technologist in the healthcare environment. This is accomplished through didactic education in patient care, radiographic procedures, medical ethics and law, radiation biology, as well as radiation safety and protection. In addition, students learn mastery of the required skill sets during their structured clinical rotations in the clinical setting.

The fulfilment of our mission and goals through an integrated curriculum insures students attain the following learning outcomes:

Credits: 60
Duration: 2 Years (4 semesters)
Tuition: $32,000 ($533.34 per credit)


BIOL150Human Anatomy & Physiology I3 Credits
BIOL155Human Anatomy & Physiology II3 Credits
SCI120Nutrition*3 Credits
MATH105Algebra I3 Credits
MATH106Algebra II3 Credits
SOC105Introduction to Sociology3 Credits
SOC107Introduction to Psychology3 Credits
HUM109English Composition3 Credits
HUM111Fundamentals of Public Speaking3 Credits
HUM113Information Systems/Computer Science3 Credits
SCI115Medical Terminology1 Credit
RTE100Patient Care in Radiologic Sciences1 Credit
RTE110Radiographic Procedures I2 Credits
RTE210Radiographic Procedures II2 Credits
RTE212Radiographic Procedures III 2 Credits
RTE120Medical Ethics and Law1 Credit
RTE214Radiologic Physics & Production3 Credits
RTE115Introduction to Imaging Principles1 Credit
RTE216Digital Imaging1 Credit
RTE220Advanced Modalities1 Credit
RTE218Radiation Biology and Protection2 Credits
RTE222Radiography Review and Capstone1 Credit
RTE150Clinical Practice I4 Credits
RTE250Clinical Practice II4 Credits
RTE251Clinical Practice III4 Credits

Sample Plan of Study

Semester 1
Human Anatomy & Physiology I3 Cr.
Algebra I3 Cr.
Medical Terminology1 Cr.
Radiation Biology and Protection2 Cr
English Composition3 Cr.
Medical Ethics and Law1 Cr.
Patient Care in Radiologic Sciences1 Cr.
14 Cr.

Semester 3
Introduction to Psychology3 Cr.
Information Systems/Computer Science3 Cr.
Radiographic Procedures II2 Cr.
Introduction to Imaging Principles1 Cr.
Radiologic Physics and Production3 Cr.
Clinical Practice II4 Cr.
16 Cr.
Semester 2
Human Anatomy & Physiology II3 Cr.
Algebra II3 Cr.
Fundamentals of Public Speaking3 Cr.
Radiographic Procedures I2 Cr.
Clinical Practice I4 Cr.
15 Cr.

Semester 4
Introduction to Sociology3 Cr.
Radiographic Procedures III2 Cr.
Digital Imaging1 Cr.
Advanced Modalities1 Cr.
Radiography Review and Capstone1 Cr.
Nutrition3 Cr.
Clinical Practice III4 Cr.
15 Cr.

Program Application Requirements

Program Admission Requirements